Start and run a copywriting business- Steve Slaunwhite


Copywriting is an interesting subject, as if done properly, it could make the writer immensely rich and also increase the sales manifold. Still you can’t simply do that, as you need a solid theoretical foundation there.

So far I ’ve read some interesting copywriting books, like Reality in advertising by Rosser Reeves (The unique term of USP was popularized by him), Scientific advertising by Claude C Hopkins ( the maestro), Making ads pay by John Caples ( A timeless classic), and Ogilvy on advertising by none other than David Ogilvy, the doyen of advertising. All are well known classics and recently I finished this book, by Steve slaunwhite, a well known copywriter.

This is an extension of his other book- The everything guide to writing copy. Here he shares some tips on successful copywriting. When you are freelancing, you have to manage time efficiently, find clients by targeting the right markets, maintain a good relationship with your clients, write copies your clients will love and quote prices without much hassles. For this you need to read lots and make a good foundation.

I highly recommend this book to all connoisseurs of copywriting….


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