The Blue night-: A Novel

blue night

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The Blue night by Rabindra Singh is the latest novel published by Preethi publications. It has been shortlisted for the Mark Thomas international literary prize.


About the book


Kabir, a loner by nature, has only one dream- become a novelist.  It is an uncommon dream for a 20 something youngster living in a society which treats everything related to arts with disdain. Fighting against all odds, ostracized by much of his extended family, he finds refuge in a library nearby, run by an octogenarian, Ramachandra Sinha. That is just the beginning. He starts reading Marcel Proust, and impressed by his inimitable style, soon starts to write his own magnum opus- The blue night.

About the author

Rabindra Singh was born in Azadnagar in 1971. He read classics at the Karanpur University. Rabindra is the chief editor of the Karanpur times.

About the publishers

Preethi Publications, started in 1971 by Ghanashyam Lal, has published works by some of the biggest names in the literature of Karanpur. We’ve won the ‘best publisher of the year’ award twice.




Hoping for a change…


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How many times have you felt that if you had someone to motivate you, you would surely have reached your destination of success? Most of the times people fail because they lack the necessary ingredient for success- confidence. It is a necessary virtue, without which you can’t achieve your aims, especially in today’s fast changing world.  This is what, we, at the (company name), have to offer- helping you in building your confidence, climb the ladder of success and lead the world. We are a school of thoughts, who want to help people aiming for success by offering a comprehensive program, aiming at inspiring and boosting the self esteem of all who would like to join. Our program involves courses in Personality development, Aptitude training for students, interview training and developing soft skills, all aiming at the all round development of an individual’s potential. We are looking in to a future of people brimming with confidence. We feel that no one should fail because of the essential lack of confidence. We would like to assure you that help is here; you just have to follow us


tanha tea

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Our journey starts in 1973, when a young entrepreneur, Sudhakar Rao , decided  to experiment with his ideas on Tea production. His unique vision was this-: blending traditional elements with modern aspects of tea making.

Soon, Tanha became the top choice among consumers…

Available at affordable prices, Tanha has become the synonym for top class quality, at comparatively lower prices.

Blended in the estates of Karanpur, what differentiates us from our competitors is the fact that we do not add any ‘unnatural’ elements in our tea. We believe in being natural, and thus providing our customers a unique, enjoyable experience


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Ashoka hospital was started by an eminent doctor, with a unique vision- : Spread knowledge of Ayurvedic principles among the masses. Situated in the serene surroundings of Central Kerala, Ashoka mixes the teachings of great Ayurvedic gurus along with the new developments in modern medicine in its core philosophy.

Following the tenets of Kerala Architechture, with Nalukettu and Padippura, Ashoka has a soothing effect on the visitors.

Today, patients come from distant countries as well as from India, seeking a change in their lives, through the holistic approach we are offering.


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. All of our treatments follow this thought. We offer traditional Ayurvedic treatments along with mental counseling.


A team of doctors, determined to carry forward our founder’s vision, along with four psychologist well aware in Ayurvedic principles.

Stuck in a strange Town? Do not worry… We are there for you….


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pf 1

Imagine you are all alone, new to a town, you’ve no idea about, and its night, with you frantically searching for a place to stay. It’s understandable that you are feeling fatigue and fear, but only until you’d notice a sign named as ‘El Dorado Hotel inc” …

The name sounds familiar right?

 About us

  • We are an international hotel chain in the business for more than 50 years
  • We’ve won numerous awards, including the prestigious International Hotels Grand Prix ( The Golden Peacock in the best hotel category)
  • We were voted as the ‘Best hotel chain of the year’ in a poll by the Sun Herald Newspaper in 2010


Our Specialties

  • We provide food and accommodation at convenient prices
  • Comparatively lower prices, but that doesn’t mean we are compromising on quality
  • Supportive staff
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Near to the airport


To you Dear Traveler…….

Do not worry at all.  You are never alone; we are there for you….